SEO to Take Your Website to a New Level

So you want to get more targeted traffic to your website. However, it seems that all the large companies are taking the visitors from right before your nose. I have good news for you. With proper Search Engine Optimization you too can have lots of traffic to your website.

In order to rank a website properly to get the visitors knocking on the door, I follow these four steps:

Keyword Research

Deciding which keywords to use is critical to the success of any website. If you target keywords are not properly researched you end up doing a lot of work for a few visitors. I personally use professional SEO Tools to assist me in this process. Over the years I have also learned exactly what to look for. Ensure that you get the best advice on which keywords to target.

On Page Optimization

In order for Google and the other major search engines to find the correct information from your website, you need to feed them what they want. If your site is not properly optimized, there is no guarantee that your keyword will be on the first page of Google. It is also important to analyze your Competitors sites to see what advantage they have over you.

On Page Optimization refers to the task of ensuring that every bit of detail on your website page is in exactly the perfect spot and quantity, so that Google will prefer your page above that of your competitors.

Link Building

Once everything on your website is in the perfect position, it is important that you have enough links pointing from other quality sites to your site. You can have thousands of links, but if the quality and structure is not correct, it can actually harm your site more than doing any good.

When you select and place links to your sites, you should take great care in ensuring that every bit of quality measure is in place. Professional SEO software can keep track of those links to ensure that the other party keeps the links in tact. When the link is broken or removed, you can pick it up and restore the links

Testing and Tweaking

The SEO job is never done. Once you have all the perfect rankings on your keywords, there is also the task of testing the keywords to see if they are still ranking up there over time. Every now and then you have to tweak them to stay in that position.

Offering an SEO service is not just about doing a few tricks to get the site on page one, it is more of creating a quality structure in which the site will always rank high no matter what Google does to the Algorithm. As long as you build quality sites with all the bits and pieces in place, you will always have lots of targeted traffic to your site.

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